The First Post In Hopefully A Long Journey


My name is Gabrial Mayer.  I am the guitar player in a band called The Heavenly Chillbillies.  I have been playing guitar for 20 years and have been in dozens of bands and now, at the age of 35, I have finally found MY BAND.  I love the guys (more on them later), I love the music, the vibe…everything about it.  So now, years after I had given up on the childhood dreams of being a big time rock star, I have decided to give it one more shot.  And I’m going to give it my all.

This blog is intended to chronicle the journey.  I may succeed and I may fail…but at least I will know that I gave it a shot.  I also intend for this blog to be a resource to other independent musicians as I plan to document the steps I take to get to where I want to be.  Making my band’s website, learning to blog, learning how to market on the internet, recording, creating and selling merchandise, buying a vehicle to tour with, writing songs, making an independent record, booking shows, touring, and everything in between.

So how did I wind up here?  Writing my first blog entry?  I found a GREAT guide for musicians regarding internet marketing written by Ariel Hyatt of Cyber PR.  You can find it here.  If you sign up on her site she will send you a free .pdf file that goes in depth on how to use the internet to market yourself.  And one of the thing’s it says is to start blogging…so I figured what a better thing to blog about then my adventures in trying to make it as an artist.  So here it goes.

This will either be one of a few posts that winds up being a fleeting bit of motivation…or the beginning of many.  My hope is for the later and my goal is to be touring as a full time musician in two years from the start of this post.  I don’t plan on being on MTV or winning a Grammy.  I just want to be on the road, making a humble living, playing the music that I love.  Wish me/us luck.  Check back often and see how we’re progressing and hopefully we’ll be playing in a town near you soon.


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